Free-Swinging Sifters features the Norvell Super Drive that outperforms all other free-swinging sifter drives

Our standard sifters have a rock hard white maple frame with the finest grade plywood walls &  tops. Sifter Bottoms are 304 Stainless Steel. They have stationary 400 Series Stainless Steel inlets and the press tops are held down by Air Cylinders or optional Press Top Pressure Regulators. The standard sifter interior is lined with 400 Series Stainless Steel. Optional food grade epoxy paint or Laminate is available to meet sanitary requirements. Our  sifter doors are equipped with 1/2″ aluminum wedges to help align the sieves properly and allow easy removal or installation of the sieves. The sifter exterior can be finished with either epoxy paint or a semi-glass clear finish depending upon your preference. Norvell Free-Swinging Sifters are made in two, four, six or eight sections with nominal sieve stack heights. Our Wildcat Sieves come in three standard sieve sizes that can be used in the sifter. The three sizes are 24-11/16″, 28-3/4″ and 30-7/8″. Each machine is custom designed to meet the customers required flow. Our Free Swinging “Super Drive” has a 1750-RPM, T-frame, IIG explosion proof, 240/480 volt, 3 phase motor with an adjustable V-belt drive enclosed in a steel guard. The sifters have ceiling and side channel supports suspended by 3/4″ hickory reeds.



  • Rock hard maple frame construction
  • 5/8” bolt & glue together assembly for rigid box construction
  • Smooth box interiors to prevent infestation
  • Bottom distributors and sieves easily removed
  • Air Cylinders
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel product inlets and outlets
  • Norvell Super Drive outperforms all other free swinging sifter drives with a smooth startup and shut down.
  • Aluminum Door Wedges
  • Side channel reed brackets positioned to match existing ceiling reed castings
  • Sifter Dollies available to help in the installation of the sifter
  • Sifter Bottoms machined 304 Stainless Steel
  • L-10 bearing life @ 100,000 hours