Smart Sifter

Norvell Smart Sifters have a rock hard maple frame with the finest grade plywood walls and tops. It will have stationary 400 Series Stainless Steel inlets and outlets. The press tops will be held down by our Air Cylinders to ensure uniform and constant compression with easy sieve access. The sifter will be suspended by 1/2″ diameter cables from a sturdy, maintenance free, 3″ square steel frame or can be ceiling hung. The sifter exterior can be finished with either Food grade epoxy paint or a clear lacquer finish depending on your preference. The standard sifter interior is magnetic stainless steel; optional food grade epoxy painted or Laminate is available to meet sanitary requirements. The door will be equipped with aluminum wedges to help align your sieves properly and allow easy removal or installation of the sieves.

Our unique drive has a 2 horsepower, 230/460 volt, 3 phase, TEFC, inverter duty motor enclosed in a steel guard. The drive is attached directly to the sifter box. There are only two bearings per side, and they are mounted for easy and economical maintenance.

The Smart Sifter’s height will vary depending upon the number of sieves you require. Our Wildcat Sieves are available in four different sieve standard sizes that can be used in the sifter. The four sizes are 28-3/4”, 30-7/8”, 30-7/8” x 40-7/8” and 40-7/8”. Each machine is custom designed to meet the customers required flow.



  • Only has 2 bearings per side making for easier maintenance and less downtime.
  • It is Free-Swinging and can be hung from a frame or the ceiling.  This allows for installation in imperfect environments without damaging the sifter.
  • Smooth box interiors to prevent infestation.
  • Contained within its own frame, and the ability to exceed the industry standard height, it allows for versatile placement throughout the milling process.
  • Air Cylinders
  • The pneumatic hold down assembly includes a check valve so if there were to be a loss of air pressure to the sifter, the press top would remain in the down position, securely against the sieves.  No auxiliary air reserves are required to maintain sieve compression.
  • Aluminum Door Wedges
  • The use of gear boxes and a horizontal shaft makes our drive more efficient and requires only 1 motor.
  • Easily adjusted RPM and circle size
  • Our Smart Sifter surpasses all other single section sifters on the market.
  • While ideal for high capacity load outs, the sifter is available with up to 6 cuts and an adjustable circle size.