Our Roto-Mist Agitators/Blenders are precision crafted from the finest grade materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

Crafted on our CNC machinery, our Norvell Roto-Mist Agitators/Blenders are made with precision from the finest grade birch plywood and hardwood to ensure longevity and reliability. The interior is finished with a high gloss food grade white epoxy enamel. The exterior is finished with either a high gloss clear lacquer or white epoxy enamel. Our stream lined exterior design enables easy clean up. The boxes are split for quick and easy disassembly and repair.

Our agitators are complete with class IIG/ID explosion proof motors, drives, and guards. All of this will be mounted on a compact sanitary square steel frame. Our standard agitators have one chlorine inlet per log with a 304 Stainless Steel flour inlet and a 304  Stainless Steel flour outlet. On both sides we will have an inspection door and two clean out doors, one at the inlet and one at the discharge.

Our agitator logs are precision made by our craftsmen from only two pieces of 12/4 hardwood and are secured on a solid steel TGP shaft. The paddles are crafted from rock hard maple and are sunk into the log, without screws, giving them more strength. The logs are balanced before installation in the box. Upon completion, all agitators are test run in our factory. Upon passing our internal quality control standards they are securely crated and shipped to your location. Each machine will be custom designed to meet your requirements.



  • Simple and economical to operate.
  • Solid Wood Box can be opened quickly along vertical center for easier maintenance and sanitation.
  • Four different box configurations.
  • Improved paddle design for longer lasting logs.