Our unique Wildcat Sieve design mechanically seals on the sieve and prevents leakage.

The Norvell Wildcat Sieve has a solid aluminum drop-in tray. Each sieves drop-in aluminum tray is available with or without backwire. Backwire is available in an Inter-Crimpt, Welded, and a 400 Series Stainless Steel.  Beneath the tray will be a 400 Series stainless steel pan. The sieves will be constructed from kiln dried hardwood with a high-pressure laminate to extend wear and guard against abrasion. Each sieve will have a machinery plush seal on the bottom edge to further help seal the sieves. These sieves will be constructed on our CNC machinery to maintain our quality control standards and to insure that we manufacture the very best product possible. Norvell Wildcat sieves offer a unique versatility – unmatched by any other sieve manufacture. Our manufacturing process allows us to adapt sieves sizes and styles to meet any OEM sifter needs – Including older sifter models and sizes no longer supported by the original manufacture. Norvell Wildcats trays, with or without backwire, can be mixed in any sieve section. The ¾” gluing surface area allows for heavy mesh, such as break screens, to be securely glued on. The unique tray design allows for greater clothing area over other sieve manufacturers.



  • The aluminum tray will outlast any wooden tray and should not become damaged during normal sieve and sifter maintenance.
  • The tray easily lifts out from the sieve and will speed up your sifter maintenance time.
  • Our tray design allows our customers to quickly and easily change out backwire, clothing and cleaners without damaging the screens.
  • The tray also excels in high temperature, high moisture, or very abrasive applications.
  • An integral part of the sieve is an aluminum corner that adds strength and durability to the integrity of the sieve.
  • Wildcat Sieves are also available as a Backing Wireless Sieve.
  • Glue-On screens hold the proper tension better than staple-on and cuts down on your downtime.
  • Retrofit for ALL sifter manufacturers.
  • Custom designed to meet the customer’s required flow.